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New Koko’s srl

With over 30 years of experience in producing high quality sport socks 100% MADE IN ITALY, New Koko’s is one of the leading socks manufacturers in Italy responding to the market needs, thanks to our technical know-how and the flexibility of our production process.

High-tech machines and professionally skilled staff give our company the competence to offer our clients the best support possible.  New Koko’s manufactures for important players in the all European market.


New Koko’s owns a machinery park of over 80 machines of the latest generation, which enables us to respond quickly to the various and demanding market needs of today.

Each product has its own characteristics and technical pecularities, and has been manufactured with OEKO-TEX certified raw materials, a guarantee to the customer.

We develop each sock according the activity and / or sport they are meant for. The socks are subject to constant testing in order to improve time after time the quality and comfort, leading to an excellent end product!

Production Capacity

New Koko’s operates over:
10 x capacita-iconcapacita-iconcapacita-iconcapacita-iconcapacita-iconcapacita-iconcapacita-iconcapacita-icon

80 circular single-cylinder machines producing socks with

  • needle thickness factor 24, with 108-112 and 120 needles.
  • needle thickness factor 36, with 144-156 and 160 needles,

all of them with automatic cuff knitting with LIN-TOE® as well as CLASSIC-LINK® technology.

1.000 x capacita-iconcapacita-iconcapacita-iconcapacita-iconcapacita-iconcapacita-iconcapacita-iconcapacita-iconcapacita-iconcapacita-icon

We have a daily production capacity of over 10.000 pairs (men – women – children).

Our Products


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